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About Us



Fargo Soccer Club

The mission of the Fargo Soccer Club is to be the premier soccer club in North Dakota and western Minnesota while emphasizing enjoyment, participation, sportsmanship, effort and excellence.

We aim to serve the player with the lowest ability, the player with the highest ability and all those in-between.  We are a CUP club - Club, University and Professional.  Since club soccer and high school soccer are concurrent programs, we consider high school soccer a subset of club soccer.  We aim to develop players in our recreational program, our competitive program and hand off our competitive players to their short, high school seasons.  For those interested in university and professional soccer, we provide guidance to our club players as they exit youth soccer for the adult soccer of university or professional soccer.

News & Updates

Status of the Fargo Soccer Club

The operations of the Fargo Soccer Club are currently suspended.  This is due primarily to the health of the founder and president.  The Spring 2024 season is not being played.  Future seasons are in question.

The club is open to purchase.  The club is also open to a board of directors who can take over a great deal of the vast duties previously the responsibility of the founder. 

All questions can be directed to Matt Noah,, 701.866.1949.