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Fargo Soccer Club: Las Vegas Mayor's Cup


Fargo Soccer Club Headed to the Las Vegas Mayor's Cup

Fargo U16 Boys Avengers




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Fargo U19 Griffins win NSC 3v3 Futsal Tournament
CHAMPIONS Fargo U19 Griffins NSC 3v3 Freestyle Futsal, Blaine,...
Fargo Soccer Club: Fargo Avengers @ NSC College Showcase
NSC College Showcase Back Row L-R: ...
Fargo Soccer Club: Differences between clubs
Where Should Your Child Play Soccer The Fargo Soccer Club is a...
Move High School Girls Soccer to the Fall
  Move Girls High School Soccer to the...
Fargo Soccer Club: Private Athletic Field Complex
SOUTH FARGO ATHLETIC COMPLEX The Fargo Soccer Club is making...
Recreational (in-house) Soccer Information
Updated:  January 13, 2015 The Fargo Soccer Club offers...
All North Dakota and Minnesota Soccer Players Welcome
All North Dakota and Minnesota soccer players are welcome to join...
Fargo U19 Griffins win NSC 3v3 Futsal Tournament


Fargo U19 Griffins

NSC 3v3 Freestyle Futsal, Blaine, MN, Nov. 14, 2020

L-R:  Gabe Noah, Hogan Schneider, Gage "Roberto" Flores, Michael Flores



Game 1:  Griffins 5, The Shoeless Ones 10   *   Game 2:  Griffins 11, Mounds View 1   *   Game 3:  Griffins 11, Fusion Select 4

Championship Game:   Fargo Griffins 11, The Shoeless Ones 10


by posted 11/14/2020
Fargo Soccer Club: Fargo Avengers @ NSC College Showcase

NSC College Showcase

Back Row L-R:  Coach Gerry, Chuck, Jadyn, Will, Beckett, Isaac, Hogan, Avery, Ibrahim, Coach Matt

Front Row L-R:  Lisle, Colin, Nick, Peter, Abel, Mohamed, Charlie

Game 1:  Avengers 5, St. Cloud 2   *   Game 2:  Avengers 0, Maplebrook 1   *   Game 3:  Avengers 4, ABSA 2  


The Fargo Avengers played in the Nov. 7-8, 2020 NSC College Showcase in Blaine, MN.  The U17 bracket featured 3 U17 (2004) teams and 5 (2005) U16 teams. 

The Fargo Avengers finished third overall and second among the 5 U16 teams.  The U17 overall standings are shown below. 

The Avengers finished third in total goals scored, third in least total goals allowed and tied for second in goal differential. 

The only loss was to the #3-ranked team in Minnesota, the 60th-ranked team in all of Region II (14 States). 

The team finished ahead of FC United, the #1-ranked team in Iowa and #41st-ranked in all of Region II.   50 college coaches contacted the Avengers.

 Team  MP    W     D     L     GF    GA    GD    Pts  
 1: KELIIX INTRA 2004 (MN)    3 3 0 0 14 0 14 9
 2: MAPLEBROOK 2005 (MN)    3 3 0 0 4 0 4 9
 3: FARGO AVENGERS 2005 (ND)    3 2 0 1 9 5 4 6
 4: FC UNITED 2005 (IA)    3 2 0 1 6 6 0 6
 5: ABSA 05 (MN)    3 1 0 2 10 9 1 3
 6: MINNEAPOLIS UTD PREMIER II 2004  3 1 0 2 2 6 -4 3
 7: CMYSA 2005 (MN)    3 0 0 3 4 12 -8 0
 8: NEBRASKA ROOTS 2004B I (NE)    3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0



by posted 11/08/2020
Fargo Soccer Club: Differences between clubs

Where Should Your Child Play Soccer

The Fargo Soccer Club is a family friendly club focused on fun, developing soccer players, and keeping costs low for families whose budgets are stretched. 

Our recreational soccer programs (Spring, Fall and Winter) are our most popular programs.  We play against teams in our club, practicing locally and playing locally.  We cooperate with communities outside of the Fargo, West Fargo, Horace, Moorhead and Dilworth area.  For example, we have helped grow the Casselton program by having practices in Casselton and games in Fargo.  This was due in large part to long time club member and Casselton resident Matt Vrchota and the local Casselton Park District.  Generally, our program costs are about the same as TC United but we offer longer seasons (more practices and games).  A typical season will cost $65 to play and $45 for a uniform (reversible jersey, socks and shorts).  The uniform is reusable for as many seasons as the participant wishes.

Our competitive soccer program (all seasons) is geared for the families who want to pursue a step up in competitiveness while still enjoying the sport their kids love to play.  Our competitive program is where we outshine TC United in success.  From individual tournament wins, regional championships, trips to national championships, National id2 selectees and college scholarships, we far outstrip the TC United club.  Last, but not least is expense.  The Fargo Soccer Club costs less than half of what it costs to play at TC United.   You can play one season, two seasons, three seasons or year-round.  Would you rather pay $1400 for lackluster results or $600 for superior results?

Item Comparison
US Club Soccer Regionals won 1 (2016, U15 Boys Warriors,  5 wins, 0 losses)     |  TC United 0
US Club Soccer National Cup appearances 2 (2016, U15 Boys Warriors), (2018, U19 Boys Warriors)     |   TC United 0
US Club Soccer National id2 selectees

Fargo Soccer Club - 6

(1) 2009 - undisclosed female.   (Frisco, TX)

(2) 2010 - Mike Noah.   (Frisco, TX)

(3) 2015 - Owen Mears.    (Chula Vista, CA)

(4) 2015 - Wasi Odegaard.  (Chula Vista, CA)

(5) 2016 - Kayden Aberle.   (Raleigh, NC)

(6) 2018 - William Strandemo  (Raleigh, NC)

TC United - 0

College Scholarships In excess of $800,000 since 2015      |    TC United - ?



by posted 09/02/2020
Move High School Girls Soccer to the Fall


Move Girls High School Soccer to the Fall

The Fargo Soccer Club supports the change from Spring to Fall for High School Girls soccer in North Dakota.  Why?  (1) The weather in the Spring usually forces compression of the girls season due to postponed games.  (2)  There is no out-of-state competition in the Spring because Minnesota and South Dakota have high school girls soccer in the Fall.  Wouldn't it be fun and productive to play teams other than the 12-14 teams that play in North Dakota?  (3)  It robs high school girls of their competitive club season from late March to early June.  This time can't be made up in the Fall because Minnesota and South Dakota high school girls are playing high school soccer, thus there are no teams to play unless one is willing to drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to play in Kansas or even further.  (4)  It will enable girls to play high school track & field and golf in the Spring.  (5)  College recruiting.

The tired old arguments of (1) a lack of field space, (2) a lack of referees, and (3) a lack of coaches are not logical.  How is it that Minnesota and South Dakota can overcome these straw man arguments.  Does Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Crookston and East Grand Forks have more field space, more referees and more coaches??!?  No.

The Fargo Soccer Club does not support the move to Fall soccer on the basis of discrimination against girls.  While the rationale for placing high school girls soccer in the Spring may have been incorrect, it was not a result of deliberate discrimination against girls.

by posted 04/12/2018
Fargo Soccer Club: Private Athletic Field Complex


The Fargo Soccer Club is making plans to build a south-side athletic complex with soccer being a priority for scheduling.  The plan is a response to the absolute need of such a complex and the lack of initiative by the Fargo Park District and the Fargo School District to address a glaring need in the community.  State and local politicians have ignored this topic for decades.  Current plans are so far in to the future as to be useless for an entire generation of youth.  Most cities the size of Fargo and certainly most metro regions of our size have at least one, if not multiple facilities which include winter indoor facilities.  Examples include Sioux Falls and most every suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul.  The benefits to local hotel, restaurants and other businesses is enormous as it could be a tournament hub in both winter and summer.

Minimum requirements:

+ 20 acres for at least 5 full-sized lighted soccer fields and lighted, paved parking

+ 1 enclosed, heated building for restrooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms

+ 1 soccer field which is completely artificial turf and can be enclosed during the winter

+ reasonable access to Fargo and West Fargo south of I-94

Preferred features:

+ 80 acres for at least 10 soccer fields and parking

+ 2 or more enclosed buildings

+ 2-4 artificial turf fields

+ designated fields for lacrosse, baseball/softball

Interested parties should contact Matt Noah at either or 701.866.1949.  All correspondence will be kept confidential.  Those inidividuals and organizations interested in donating land, equipment, services or money are welcome.  Those organizations and individuals interested in collaborating to achieve this goal are also welcome.

by posted 04/23/2016
Recreational (in-house) Soccer Information
Updated:  January 13, 2015

The Fargo Soccer Club offers two levels of soccer; recreational and competitive.  Recreational soccer is characterized by local play against teams within our club.  Competitive soccer is characterized by regional play against teams from other clubs.

1.  Can children from outside Fargo play on FSC teams?
Yes.  The FSC serves any child in North Dakota or Minnesota.  We focus primarily on Cass and Clay counties.

2.  What age groups play for the FSC?
For recreational soccer, we currently pre-school leagues through 6th grade leagues. 

3.  When do you play, i.e. what seasons?
The FSC recreational leagues play separate seasons in the Spring, Fall and Winter.  We separate our registrations for these 3 seasons so parents can choose Spring, Fall, Winter or any combination for their children.  Our Fall season runs approximately August 23 through October 10 and consists of 1 practice and 1 game per week for a total of 6 games.  Our Spring season runs approximately April 20 through June 20 and consists of 1 practice and 1 game per week for a total of 8-10 games.  We also offer winter indoor clinics and leagues.

4.  What are the costs?
All soccer players are required to have their own shin guards, ball and water bottle.  Shin guards range in price from $5 to $50.  Balls range in price from $10 to $150.  Generally, the lower priced equipment is more than sufficient, especially below the high school level.  Each player must have a uniform from the Fargo Soccer Club.  Recreational uniforms (reversible jersey, socks, shorts) are usually priced at $40/child and can be reused for any season.  Registration fees for recreational soccer are typically between $50 and $75 per season. 

5.  I don't know anything about soccer but I received an email about coaching my child's recreational team.  What should I do?
Coach!  If you have time, i.e. you don't travel extensively for work or you have to work late weeknights or Saturday afternoons, then you should consider coaching.  Especially at the pre-school or kindergarten level, soccer coaching is mostly about your attitude and teaching fundamentals.  If you can create a fun environment where each player can feel good about themselves, strive to be a good soccer player and have fun, then you are being a good coach.  If you motivate by yelling or browbeating, then don't coach.  The Club will provide with you training prior to the season.  Coaching is very rewarding.

6.  Will my child play as much as other kids on the team?
For recreational soccer, the answer is yes.  Each child should play equally and each child should play every position.  Some kids don't want to play goalkeeper and we don't force kids to play goalkeeper.

7.  Can I coach my child's team?
The FSC believes that parent coaches make the best coaches.  We monitor each team for fairness of playing time to address the common compliant that the coach's kid gets more playing time.  Frankly, parent coaches who know the rules on playing time are very good at following the rules.  Parent coaches are highly motivated to see their child's team succeed.  Parent coaches are more reliable than non-parent coaches.  Non-parent coaches typically have a much better soccer background and can provide superior skills demonstration and instruction.  That is why we try to pair up a parent coach with a younger, non-parent coach on our competitive teams.  For our recreational teams, coaching is currently exclusively done by parents.

8.  How do the FSC coaches differ from other coaches in the FM area?
Nearly all our recreational coaches have already undergone a 2-hour coaching education program before they step on the field with their team.  Recreational coaches at some of the other clubs do not enjoy this important benefit.  Many of our coaches are enrolling in extensive, i.e. 20-hour or 40-hour coaching education programs to enhance their expertise.  The club encourages this and pays for this.  This does not happen with most other clubs.

9.  How many kids does each coach have on their team?
For our pre-school and kindergarten teams, we usually have 2 coaches and 8 kids per team.  Therefore, the coaching ratio for our pre-K and Kindergarten teams is 4:1 or better for nearly all teams and there are no more than 8 players per team.  For other area clubs, the ratio is more like 8:1 to 16:1.  In a scenario where 1 coach is trying to coach 8-16 kids, personal attention by a coach is virtually non-existant.  For our older teams, we typically have 2 coaches for every 8-10 kids.

10.  How long are the three recreational seasons, Winter, Spring and Autumn?
The Spring season is 10 weeks in length.  The Autumn season is 6 weeks in length.  The other local clubs have a 5 week Spring season and a 6 week Autumn season.  Our Winter season is typically 6 weeks long.

11.  Can my child "play up" if I want them to do so?
The "play up" scenario happens when a child is a gifted soccer player who is not particularly challenged by playing with other children their age.  Unlike other local clubs we will gladly allow players to "play up" to the level of their ability.  However, in instances when we interplay recreationally with the local clubs, we may be required to only play kids with kids their own age.

12.  How do you form recreational soccer teams?
We generally try to form teams from neighborhoods or schools.  That makes practices more convenient.  We don't keep the same kids together on the same team every season because we want kids exposed to a variety of coaches and a variety of teammates.  We will attempt to honor one mutual friend request.  Siblings in the same age category are placed on the same team.  Relatives can be placed on the same team.  Special circumstances are considered.

13.  Do you offer scholarships?
Yes and no.  Technically, there is no such thing as a "scholarship" since scholarly work does not earn you something in soccer.  We have provided subsidies to disadvantaged children and we have worked with the Metro Youth Partnership (MYP) on subsidies.  It is for kids in grades K-12 in Fargo and West Fargo so that they can participate in fee-based activities of their choosing.  Moorhead does not have a program similar to MYP.  We find it difficult to keep up with changes to various programs.  Here are the websites of 2 local organizations who may provide a subsidy.

Metro Youth Partnership:

Venture Youth Alliance:

For more information on subsidies, contact Matt Noah at either or 701.282.9344.

14.  When are recreational soccer practices and games?
For spring
and fall soccer, practices are usually on weeknights after 5:30 pm.  Games are held on weekends in the Fall.  Games are held on weekends in the spring before Memorial Day.  After Memorial Day, games are on weeknights.  For winter, practices are on weeknights while games are on Saturdays.  Teams can pick their practice locations, day and times although coaches usually have a big say on the practice schedule.  Pre-k and kindergarten teams usually practice 30-45 minutes.  Older teams practice 45-60 minutes.

by posted 09/15/2009
All North Dakota and Minnesota Soccer Players Welcome

All North Dakota and Minnesota soccer players are welcome to join and play in the Fargo Soccer Club.  Our multi-affiliate status provides us with "borderless" opportunities for youth soccer players.  Our club consists of players from Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, Dilworth, Glyndon, Pelican Rapids, Georgetown, Argusville, Mapleton, Oxbow, Horace and the surrounding areas.  Full-time and guest players welcome.

by posted 02/17/2009
Recent Results
Great 20-minute warm-up
The Future of Wheelchairs
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US Soccer Concussion Overview
Sunrise, Sunset Times

Sunset Times

Good for practice planning!

Spring 2020 Season


The Governor and Fargo authorities have opened up youth soccer starting May 1 under specific guidelines.

The start of our season has been pushed back to May 9 (games).  The start of practices is May 3.

All games will be conducted 3v3 with no more than 5 players per team and no goalkeepers.

Please download, install and use the Care19 app on your smartphone to help North Dakota do contact tracing! 

Parents are urged to wear masks.  We ask that parents bring some disinfectant wipes to wipe down soccer goals.

Weather Cancelations

There are no cancelations at this time.s.

Youth Health

May 7, 2020.

A pediatrician at Essentia Health said it’s important kids get outside and minimize their time on video games.

“It just improves mental health as well. So it's releasing all the hormones. You're going to see that serotonin increase, so that coping capacity is going to be there,” Annelise Sterneman, a nurse practitioner, said.

Sterneman recommended children spend at least an hour a day exercising.

Bad Weather Policy

BAD WEATHER POLICY:  Check the website and email for game or practice postponements or cancelations.  Practices are made up at the discretion of the head coach.  We will play soccer except in these conditions:  (1) lightning, (2) heavy rain, (3) snow, (4) extreme winds and (5) extreme cold.

First Game - Awesome!
NFL Admits Brain Disease Link

March 14, 2016.  The NFL admitted for the first time today that a link exists between concussions suffered while playing football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE); a form of brain disease.

He's your son.  Why take the chance?  Play soccer, run cross-crountry, go swimming.

id2 Camp Photos, Videos

Owen Mears, Wasi Odegaard

Coach Matt Noah

National Team Try-Out

id2 Camp - March 26-29

Chula Vista, CA

YouTube Trip Videos

Photo Album


2019 Championships

First Place

Bemidji 6v6 Blow-Out
    U14 Avengers
Lakeville Father's Day Cup
    U14 Boys Avengers
Detroit Lakes 3v3
    U14 Boys Avengers
Second Place
Bemidji 6v6 Blow-Out
    Detroit Lakes U16B White*
Fargo Tournament
    U14 Boys Avengers
* FSC Guest Player, highest scorer
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Soccer Is A Team Sport

Parents, Kids

Your child's success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are.

But having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.

2018 Championships

First Place

Detroit Lakes Rotary Cup
    U16 Boys Griffins
Detroit Lakes 3v3
    U19 Boys Warriors
    U16 Boys Griffins
    U12 Boys Avengers
    U9 Boys Avengers
Woodbury Summer Classic
    U16 Boys Griffins
Brainerd Icebreaker 4v4
    U19 Boys Warriors
    U16 Boys Griffins
Shattuck 4v4 Express
    U19 Boys Warriors
    U16 Boys Griffins
Second Place
Detroit Lakes Rotary Cup
    U10 Boys Jaguars
Fargo Tri-City Tournament
    U19 Boys Warriors
2017 Championships

First Place

NSC Kick-or-Treat
    U12 Boys Werewolves
College Search Kick-Off
    U18 Boys Warriors (undefeated)
Detroit Lakes Rotary Cup
    U15 Boys Griffins
Tri-City Tournament
    U9 Boys Minions
Tonka Splash
    U10 Boys Bolts (undefeated)
Dakota Rev-It-Up
    U10 Boys Bolts (undefeated)
Woodbury Summer Classic
    U17 Boys Warriors
Brainerd Ice-Breaksr 4v4
    U16 Boys Speedsters
    U14 Boys Griffins
Shattuck 4v4 Express
    U19 Boys Warriors
    U16 Boys Speedsters
Second Place
NSC Kick-or-Treat
    U13 Boys Gummi Worms
NSC Fall Cup
    U12 Boys Snipers
Grand Forks
    U11 Boys Underdogs
Fishback Classic
    U12 Boys Avengers
Tri-City Tournament
    U20 Boys Warriors
    U14 Boys Griffins
Woodbury Summer Classic
    U12 Boys Avengers
2016 Championships
    First Place
NSC Fall Cup
    U11 Girls Fire
    U9 Boys Minions (undefeataed)
Brookings Fishback Tournament
    U10 Boys Avengers (U12 boys)
    U11 Girls Fire
    U10 Boys Gladiators (undefeated)
Detroit Lakes Rotary Cup
    U12 Boys Griffins
US Club Soccer Midwest Regional
    U15 Boys Warriors
Tri-City Tournament (Fargo)
    U10 Avengers (undefeated)
    U10 Gladiators (undefeated)
NSC All-American Cup
    U15 Girls Menace
    U15 Boys Warriors
    U12 Boys Griffins
Tonka Splash
    U16 Boys Warriors
    U12 Girls Pink Panthers
    U11 Girls Fire
    U10 Gladiators
KC Invitational
    U17 Vipers
Woodbury Summer Classic
    U15 Boys Warriors
    U13 Girls Strikers
NSC Spring Cup
    U10 Boys Gladiators
NW Kickers Tournament
    U9 Boys Underdogs
Minot Futsal Cup
    U17 Boys Vipers (U19)
    U17 Boys Vipers
    U15 Boys Warriors
    U15 Girls Menace
Shattuck 4v4 Express
    U16 Boys Warriors
Brookings Futsal Classic
    U15 Girls Menace (U16)
Second Place
NSC Kick-Or-Treat
    U12 Boys Avengers
NSC Fall Cup
    U12 Girls Panthers
    U11 Boys Avengers
Brookings Fishback Tournament
    U12 Girls Pink Panthers
Detroit Lakes Rotary Cup
    U11 GIrls Fire (U12 Division)
Tri-City Tournament (Fargo)
    U11 Girls Fire
    U11 Boys Rangers
NSC Spring Cup
    U12 Girls Pink Panthers
    U9 Girls Crickets
Minot Futsal Cup
    U14 Boys Vulcans
Shattuck 4v4 Express
    U14 Boys Vulcans
Brookings Futsal Classic
    U13 Girls Strikers
FSC in the Pros

FSC Players Who Turned Pro

Hector Trigueros, 12/2015

Cruz Azul Futbol Club



Club Philosophy
id2 Camp Selectees

2010 - Mike Noah, Frisco, TX, 11/11-11/14, 1997/1998

2015 - Owen Mears, Wasi Odegaard, Chula Vista, CA, 3/26-3/29, 2002

2016 - Kayden Aberle, Raleigh, NC

2018 - William Strandemo, Raleigh, NC

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The mission of the Fargo Soccer Club is to be the premier soccer club in North Dakota and western Minnesota while emphasizing enjoyment, participation, sportsmanship, effort and excellence.
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