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Last Update:  November 1, 2010.

You must read this if you are considering moving a team or a group of players from an existing club to the Fargo Soccer Club.

Generally, people (parents and/or coaches) contact the Fargo Soccer Club with an interest in moving to the Fargo Soccer Club because they are unhappy with the situation at their existing club.  Never has a player contacted us directly indicating they are unhappy with their existing club.  Kids don't think to do such a thing nor do they typically have the resources or knowledge to change their situation.  They depend upon their parents and coaches for such actions and decisions.

Typical reasons for moving are (1) unhappiness with the treatment by the existing club's board of directors, (2) unhapiness with the existing coach(es) or director of coaching, (3) unhappiness with other parents or players on the existing team at the club and (4) a desire to run a team independently of what a club wants or requires.

If you are considering contacting the Fargo Soccer Club about moving your team, don't do it you desire to run your team independent of what the Fargo Soccer Club wants or requires.  We have our standards and requirements.  You will not be given carte blanche to run your team any way you see fit.

We are aware of the "cult of the coach" and how that negatively influences parents.  If your coach is unable to get along at the existing club and wants to move to the Fargo Soccer Club under the presupposition that they are such a good coach that they will be allowed to do anything they want, we don't want your team.  Better said, we don't want your coach.  Your team might be fine but we will be skeptical of the coach.  We have seen it before and we don't want to repeat history.

If your team is truly being mistreated or you truly have a bad coach, bad teammates or unruly parents, we might be able to help.  We believe in treating players and parents well.  We don't tolerate bad coaches or coaches who use profanity or abusive measures to coach.  We have our standards for forming teams, treating players, picking tournaments and ensuring player development and enjoyment.

If you are looking to join the FSC only as leverage against your existing club, please don't bother.  You get to do that once and then we won't consider your second request.  Here is what I mean.  Some people have come to us to arrange to have their team play under the Fargo Soccer Club.  They work out a "deal".  Then, rather than joining the club, they go back to their existing club and barter a better deal for themselves.  It wastes our time and you really should pay us a fee for helping you get what you want.

If you still want to consider having your team join the Fargo Soccer Club, contact and use the subject line "New Team Considering the FSC".  I will then know that you have read this FAQ and are still interested in pursuing this opportunity.