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Fargo Soccer Club: MetroRec East Field Map

The Winter 2023 indoor season is taking place at the Fargo MetroRec Center (FMC).  The FMC is a converted ice hockey facility with a west field and an east field.  Both rinks still have hockey boards but the surface is an uneven hard surface with old NDSU Bison artificial turf.  We will be using the FMC east field.  The FMC east field is capable of being subdivided by 3 retractable floor-to-ceiling mesh curtains.  A diagram of the FMC east field is shown below.  With the 3 curtains drawn back, the field is just one, large field.  With all 3 curtains in place, there are 4 small fields.  The approximate location of goals for each field is shown on the diagram.

Here are what each "team" uses for practices and games:

(1) Ants:  Practice uses East 3.  Scrimmages use East 1.

(2) Bison:  Practice uses East 1 and East 2 .  Scrimmages use East 3 and East 4.

(3) Coyotes:  Practice uses East 3 and East 4,  Scrimmages use East 2, 3 and 4.

(4) Ducks:  Practice uses Field 2.  Scrimmages use Field 2.

(5) Eagles:  Practice uses Field 1.  Scrimmages use Field 1.

Note:  There is only one entrance and exist to all 4 fields.  It is through field 1.  Please get your child to their practices and games such that there is little to no disruption to other teams.  You may find space behind the hockey boards next to your child's field.  Please try to take care of bathroom breaks or other activities that would lead you to enter and exit the field space prior to any practice or game.

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