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Fargo Soccer Club Wins US Soccer Federation Grievance
North Dakota, Minnesota and 3 Local Clubs Found In Violation of Multiple USSF Bylaws
Fargo, ND, August 14, 2008. The Fargo Soccer Club (FSC) – – has prevailed in its discrimination and interplay grievance against the North Dakota Youth Soccer Association (NDYSA) and the Minnesota YSA (MYSA). In its ruling, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) – - pointed to the actions of the Red River Soccer Club (RRSC), West Fargo Soccer Club (WFSC), the Moorhead Youth Soccer Club (MYSC) and both NDYSA and MYSA in making its determination.

The ruling by the USSF is posted on its website here.
In its decision, the USSF ruled that the local Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo Soccer League (FMWFSL) must open its Fall 2008 league to the kids and teams of the FSC and not try to impinge their playing opportunities by creating any ‘arbitrary or unreasonable policies, rules, regulations and requirements’. FSC President Matt Noah, “We will immediately register our multiple kindergarten teams in this local league so that they can play with and against their neighbors and friends in friendly competition.”
In its decision, the USSF ruled that the MYSA violated USSF bylaws on discrimination by not allowing the FSC to join or participate in the MYSA northwest league that includes teams such as Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Alexandria and possibly Moorhead. FSC President Matt Noah, “Playing in this league allows us to keep costs significantly lower than other local traveling teams who do not currently play in leagues. The USSF ruled correctly since Wisconsin teams play in eastern Minnesota leagues.”
The basis for the grievance was the exclusionary actions of RRSC from early 2007 which culminated in the filing of the grievance by the FSC in April 2008. Unable to convince any of the local clubs, NDYSA or MYSA that they were in violation of USSF bylaws, rules and policies, the FSC filed the grievance.
The FSC is a member of the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) –, US Club Soccer - - and the USSF. It fielded 2 competitive teams in Summer 2008 and 16 pre-school teams in Spring 2008. For Fall 2009, it will field 3-4 competitive teams at the U9, U10, U11 and U13 age levels as well as approximately 24 recreational teams at the pre-school and kindergarten levels. 
The ruling immediately becomes a nationwide precedent, benefiting youth soccer players, teams and clubs across America.
The USSF Ruling may be found in the Documents section of this website.