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Club Philosophy

Player's Rights and Responsibilities

1.  Players primarily play to have fun.  Parents, coaches, teammates and club administration owe a duty to players and their parents to create a fun atmosphere.  Players should alert their parents and coaches if they are not having fun.

2.  Players cannot be expected to win every game.  Players can be expected to try their hardest every practice and every game.  Parents can expect maximum effort but not necessarily victory at every competition.  Players are expected to improve their individual skills and contribute to the improvement of team skills by learning positional play, strategy and tactics.

3.  Players cannot expect their opponents or the referees to exhibit good sportsmanship at every game.  Players, coaches and parents are expected to practice good sportsmanship in practice and in games at all times.

4.  Players, parents and coaches execute a code of conduct once with the club.  Violation of those codes of conduct are grounds for dismissal from the club.  Prior to dismissal, the club works to resolve issues.

5.  For competitive soccer, U9 and U10 players play equally and play every position.  At U11 and above, playing time is not equal.  Coaches can place players in specialized positions.  Playing time is earned by ability, attendance and attitude.  For recreational soccer, playing time is always equal; regardless of the age of the player or team.

6.  Players have a right to a safe environment.  Coaches, parents and players are all responsible for being safe by practicing our Two Adult policy, common sense and the law.  Adults should always be on guard for situations which may lend themselves to children being placed in vulnerable positions.

7.  Players have a right a profanity-free, bully-free environment.  Coaches, parents and players are all responsible for their language and actions.  The club has a zero tolerance policy for adults who violate this policy.

8.  The club reserves the right to add to this public statement on philosophy, especially in regard to rights and responsibilities of adults, e.g. coaches, parents, administration.  In general, rumor, gossip and insubordination can ruin teams, coaches, players, administrators.  All are warned to not engage in gossip, rumors or insubordinate activity.  Most of these items are covered in the various codes of conduct.