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The Fargo Soccer Club (FSC) Elite Program will begin in Spring 2011

The Elite Program (or simply "Elites") is for 3 classes of players.  First, it is for local players that play on FSC teams but who also wish to guest play as guest players on other teams outside of the area.  Second, it is for players who live in reasonable driving distance of Fargo and want to train in Fargo in the Elite Program.  These players play on teams outside of the FSC; teams that are a great distance from Fargo.  Third, it is for players who live a great distance from Fargo but who regularly play on FSC teams either as permanent players or guest players.

Players whose parents desire a higher level of play, training and development at Under-13 and above can be registered in the FSC Elite Program. 

For example, players training in Fargo with FSC coaches will play for elite teams in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and beyond.  They will play as permanent players or guest players on those teams.

Coaches may apply to join our Elite Program if they have proven themselves through their record of accomplishment, demeanor and the highest level of sportsmanship. 

The goal of the Elite Program is to develop elite players and provide them the highest level of opportunity given the geographic limitations of living and playing in the Fargo area or other undeserved areas.

Players registered in the Elite Program will participate in the National Standards Project and be assessed at regular intervals. 

Players will be required to register with US Club Soccer through the Fargo Soccer Club.  Alternate registration plans can be made if the player is already registered with US Club Soccer

Players who are currently registered on ND Soccer Association, SD Soccer Association or Minnesota Youth Soccer Association teams can register in the FSC Elite Program and train with full insurance and full playing opportunities with the FSC or elsewhere. 

Players in the Fargo area who are currently playing on teams or could be on teams that compete against FSC teams will not be admitted to the Elite Program.  Such players can request and receive a release from their current club and affiliation should they desire consideration and admittance to the Elite Program.

The Elite Program is a high level soccer development program.  As such, admittance is entirely subject to the discretion of the administrators of the Elite Program.

Are you ready to have your son or daughter step up to a higher level of commitment?  If so, contact FSC President Matt Noah at either or 701.282.9344.