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Tournament Rules (download)



FSC 3v3 Soccer Tournament Rules

June 26 – 28, 2020

Kennedy Elementary School Fields

4401 – 42nd Street South

Fargo, ND 58104

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Last Updated:  June 5, 2020




  • Fees = $125 Team Fee
  • No team can play without the team fee having been paid.



  • The FSC 3v3 Soccer Tournament is open to all boys’ and girls’ as well as all men’s and women’s teams and is unsanctioned.  As such, players do not need to be registered or in good standing with their USSF or FIFA affiliated association.
  • Teams will be accepted on a first-come(paid)-first-serve basis unless there are mitigating circumstances. Once an age group fills, teams will be placed on a wait list and duly notified of their status.



  • 4 game guarantee.
  • Maximum of 3 players on the field; 5 players on the roster.
  • No more than 3 coaches and team managers, total, per team.
  • Scores and standings will be kept for all age groups.
  • Field and goal size are those provided at the facility.
  • One referee per game.
  • Off-sides is not in effect.
  • Home team provides 3 balls for each game.  U6-U8 shall use size 3 balls.  U8-U12 shall use size 4 balls.  All other ages use size 5 balls.
  • 1 18-minute game preceded by a 2-minute warm-up.  There is no added time for any reason in non-playoff games.  Halves will start and end with a horn for all games being played. 
  • In playoff or championship games where the score is tied after both halves are complete, games will be decided by sudden death penalty kicks.  Each team will be allowed to shoot in each round of the sudden death penalty kicks.  A penalty kick is defined as a player having a free kick of the ball at or behind the half line, with no opposing defenders or goalkeeper.  Each team must rotate through every player before a player can shoot again in the next rotation.  Once each player has shot, the kicks shall be at 5 yards further distance back than the previous round.  During penalty kicks, all players shall be 10 feet from the kicker.
  • Teams must report-in 2 minutes prior to each game with a certified tournament roster presented to the referee.  Failure to present a certified roster prior to the horn sounding to start the game will result in a 3-0 forfeit.
  • Play re-start from out of bounds is by kick-in.  There are no throw-ins. A minimum of 10 feet must be accorded by the defense on kick-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks and free kicks.



  • All teams may roster and dress up to 5 players for the tournament.    All players must be on the roster used at tournament check-in, which is then frozen and certified.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 2 players to start a game.  Players arriving after the start of a game can report-in at halftime, no earlier, and no later.  If players arrive in the second half, they shall not be allowed to play.
  • All players must meet the age requirements and be listed on the team roster.
  • No player may play for more than one team in the same age/gender division.  Males may not play on female teams.  Females may play on male teams and may dual roster on teams in the same age division.  For example, a female player may play on a U17 girls team and on a U17 boys team.
  • Players may be rostered on multiple rosters.  There is no limit.
  • A maximum of 3 non-playing individuals are allowed in the team’s player’s box, one of which must be an adult.  They must be listed on the official, certified roster.
  • Shin Guards must be worn by all players, covered entirely by socks.
  • Hard or soft casts are not prohibited, but they must receive explicit approval from the referee before a player wearing such a cast is allowed to play in the game.  It is not a given that casts will be approved.



  • Each team must present an official roster from the tournament website.  Each player must provide an acceptable proof of birthdate include but are not limited to (1) birth certificate issued by a government body, (2) current or past player pass, (3) I-94, (4) Passport, (5) Visa, (6) driver’s license or (7) other form of government identification.



  • All teams are allowed unlimited substitutions with their entire roster.
  • Unlimited substitutions may be made at any time during the game (“on the fly”). Every effort should be made to insure a team does not have a numerical advantage while substituting.  “Cards” will be issued for “too many players on the field” which will result in a team being penalized with player(s) removed from the field for specific periods of time.  Referees also have discretion to award an indirect free kick for an illegal substation.



  • The first team listed in the schedule is the home team.
  • Team jerseys must match with unique numbers for each player as submitted on the Official Tournament Roster.
  • No sharing of jerseys is permitted.
  • Players may have any shorts or socks so long as it does not confuse the other team or the referee.  Teams are highly encouraged to have matching socks and shorts.  If there is a color conflict between the teams as ruled by the referee, the team listed as the home team shall change jerseys.




  • Official scores are kept.
  • Schedules are posted at and at the Kennedy Warming House, i.e. Tournament Headquarters.
  • Six points are awarded for a win, 3 points for a tie and 0 points for a loss.  A shut-out earns an additional point.  Each goal scored by a team earns that team an additional point, up to 3 points.  A forfeit is officially recorded as a 3-0 game.  A mutual forfeit is officially recorded as a 0-0 game except that neither team earns any points.  Each red card received by a team or its coach(es) will result in the loss of 1 point (not goal) for that team.
  • Tie-breaking procedure:  (1) head-to-head if only 2 teams are tied, (2) goal differential, (3) fewest goals allowed and, ultimately (4) first registered.
  • A game is forfeited if a team is not ready to play when the horn sounds to start the game.  The minimum number of players that must be present and able to play at all times for each team is two.



  • Penalty kicks are taken from the half-line.  Both teams must be behind the player taking the penalty kick.  The ball is live once it stops rolling forward.  Once the ball becomes live, all players can advance and play the ball, with the exception of the kick-taker who must not touch the ball until it is touched by another player or the goal.



  • There are 2 types of cards; Yellow and Red.  A card may be issued to a player or a coach.  If the card is issued to a coach, a player from that team serves the suspension time. 
  • A Yellow card results in a 90 minute suspension from play.  The team plays down one player for the duration of the suspension or until the other team scores.  Any player who accumulates 2 yellow cards in one game is ejected from that game. 
  • A Red card results in ejection for the remainder of the game for the player and a 3 minute suspension to be served by a teammate.  The team plays down one player for the duration of the suspension for the entire 3 minutes. 
  • Expulsion:  If the referee determines that the infraction which led to the Red card involved physical violence, abuse of a player, abuse of the referee, abuse of a spectator, profanity or disruption of the game, the player or coach will be expelled from the tournament.  Expulsion means the player or coach may not enter the Kennedy School grounds, warming house, playground, basketball court or parking lot for the remainder of the tournament.  This includes the sidewalks in, around and through the grounds.  Failure to adhere to this rule will result in the following:  (1) All games played or to be played by the team will be changed to 3-0 forfeits in favor of opposing team.  (2) The expelled player or coach, if on multiple rosters, may not play or coach any additional games in the tournament.  (3) Players or coaches on the team so punished are still eligible play or coach on other teams for which they are rostered. 


  • Yellow Card Examples
    • Slide tackle that comes in contact with an opposing player.
    • High, dangerous kicks of any sort.
    • Delay of the game by kicking or throwing the ball which results in the prolonged delay of the opposing team’s ability to put the ball back in to play.
    • Encroaching on free kicks, indirect or direct.  Encroachment means to be within 10 feet of the kicker and attempting to block the kick.  If the opposing player attempts a quick kick while the player is within 10 feet of the ball, encroachment shall not be penalized so long as the player does not attempt to block the kick.
    • Too many players on the field. 
    • Other infractions in the discretion of the referee.


  • Red Card Examples
    • Misconduct – Any player who, in the opinion of the referee, does anything of an unsportsmanlike manner, e.g. spitting in the direction of a person, inciting others, racial and verbal abuse, etc.
    • A second Yellow card to the same player in the same game results in a Red card and immediate ejection.


11.     Other Expulsions

  • At the discretion of the referee, a spectator may be expelled from the tournament if (1) warned once for poor behavior, and (2) the continuation of poor behavior.  The warning carries over from any previous game.  The referee must be clear in informing the expelled person that he or she is expelled for the entire tournament.
  • If the spectator refuses to leave, and if the referee determines the affiliation of the spectator to one of the 2 teams, that team shall be forced to forfeit that game immediately.
  • Police shall be summoned to the field to aid in physically removing any expelled players, coaches or spectators from the tournament.


  • Teams and coaches shall position themselves on the designated side of the field. 
  • Spectators shall only be on the other side of the field, as so designated.
  • Signage of either “Spectators” or “Players & Coaches ONLY” shall be present at each of the fields.
  • No person is allowed behind the end line, i.e. behind the goal line.


  • One referee shall be used per game.



  • The tournament shall be played at the Kennedy Elementary School Fields, 4401 – 42nd Street South, Fargo, ND 58104.
  • Any and all illegal substances, alcohol, beer, wine and any tobacco products are banned from the tournament.  Those in possession of any banned substances will not be allowed at the Tournament or any public property surrounding the Tournament.  Those who continue to use any banned substances are automatically expelled from the Tournament.
  • FSC 3v3 Soccer is committed to promoting an environment that is safe and healthy, free from harassment and violence in any form; verbal or physical intimidation; vandalism; drug, alcohol or tobacco use; gambling and inappropriate language. These policies apply to all players, coaches, referees and spectators.
  • Teams and spectators should clean their respective areas after every game, disposing of all trash in the receptacles.



  • Unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated on or off the field.
  • Know and understand the laws of the game. Educate players on the technical/tactical/physical demands of the game.
  • Zero tolerance for fighting or heckling. Persons exhibiting these behaviors will be required to leave the premises.
  • Be a positive role model. Set the standard for sportsmanship with the opponents, referees and spectators.
  • Encourage moral and social responsibility.
  • Encourage players to have fun and to keep a positive attitude about winning and losing.
  • Show pride and support for your team, state and country, but be respectful of other nation’s customs and traditions.
  • Any player, coach or spectator who is ejected from a game or participates in any misconduct will be will be subject to notification to the local authorities. Misconduct by any of the above listed may result in a warning, game forfeit, tournament disqualification or other action if necessary.



  • No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee.  All decisions by the referee are final.  Protests on misapplication of a rule will be heard immediately by the Tournament Director while the game continues.  Please be prepared to send a listed coach to the Tournament Headquarters while the game continues.
  • Protests on player eligibility may be stated at any time.  The use of an illegal player will result in a 3-0 forfeit.  The Tournament Director has the option of disqualifying a team from the tournament for using an illegal player if, in his judgment, the use of such player(s) is deemed intentional or systematic.
  • Protests on other technical matters may be made in writing and submitted to Tournament Headquarters within one half hour of the conclusion of the match.
  • Express concerns regarding violations prior to the start of the game or at the time the incident occurs.
  • If you have a problem regarding the rules or procedures at your game, take the following steps:
  • Notify the referee immediately so that a correction can be made, and
  • If the situation is not resolved, notify the Tournament Director.



  • Schedule change requests may be made and will be considered.



  • Severe weather is a possibility. All weather decisions are at the sole decision of the tournament director.
  • If weather makes it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent, the tournament director will make the necessary decisions concerning the rearrangement or cancellation of games for any reason. Every effort is made to play all games in their entirety. Fees are non-refundable, if games or the tournament are cancelled for any reason.
  • The tournament director has the right to:
  • Shorten the length of games.
  • Suspend, postpone or cancel games due to weather conditions or warnings.



  • Coaches are considered guardians for underage participants when the parents are unavailable, and for all players regardless of age, when impairment of mental status renders the player incapable of making an informed decision. As such, they have a responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of the health and safety of the player.
  • If the coach is under the legal age, the team is required to have an official representative of legal age at the field who will serve as the legal guardian.
  • Coaches are responsible for having emergency medical information for all players in their possession at all games.
  • Referees are responsible for summoning the coach onto the field, in the event of an injury.



  • Kennedy Elementary School Fields Warming House, 4401 – 42nd Street South, Fargo, ND 58104.
  • The Tournament Headquarter shall be open one hour prior to the start of each day of the tournament and shall remain open until the last game ends or all conflicts and issues are resolved for each day.
  • Tournament Director: Matt Noah, 701-866-1949,



  • All check-in is encouraged to be electronic.  Email all required documentation to at least 24 hours prior to first game.  Send separate emails for (1) proof of birthdate for all rostered players, (2) liability waivers and medical release forms for all rostered players and coaches, (3) official tournament roster.  After the 24 hour cut-off, final team check-in will be at Tournament Headquarters at least 1 hour before your first game.  You must provide 2 copies of the official roster if presented in person at Tournament HQ.
  • A team representative may check in the team. Players do not need to attend team Check-in.
  • Required documentation is: (1) Official roster with your team name and with (1a) player first name, (1b) player last name, (1c) player gender, (1d) player birth date, and (1e) player jersey number, (2) each players’ proof of birthdate, and (3) liability waiver and medical release form for each player.  Coaches, managers or other people must be on the roster in order to be on the team sideline during games.  You must use the roster form and medical release form on our website at
  • A copy of your certified roster must be presented to a tournament official or referee before each game.
  • Your Official Tournament Roster will be certified, frozen and no changes will be made to your roster for the remainder of the tournament.
  • You must forfeit your certified tournament roster to the referee if your team has been expelled from the tournament.  The referee shall bring the roster to the Tournament Director along with a report of the expulsion.
  • You must forfeit your certified tournament roster to the referee if any of your players are expelled from the tournament.  The referee shall line out the expelled players names from the roster, make a report to the Tournament Director of the expulsion, and return the changed roster to the same team official.