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Thank you for checking out our Coupon Book Fund-Raiser for members of the Fargo Soccer Club.

We are offering this optional but easy fund-raiser in order for you to raise money to defray your child's soccer fees and/or uniform costs.  A portion of the fund-raiser is used for general club expenses such as goals, nets, flags, coaching education, etc.

The coupon books sell for $20 and have over $300 in FREE services and products!  In total, there are over 360 coupons worth over $2000! 

To participate in this fund-raiser, order your coupon books in the Register Online section of our website [when fund-raiser starts].  You have 2 options.  You can (1) pre-pay for as many books as you purchase for re-sale or (2) you can order your books and then bring your sales to us at the end of fund-raiser.  It is your choice.

Incentives  The top seller in the club receives a $100 cash prize.  There will be a drawing for an additional $100 cash prize among all those who have sold 10 or more books.  One entry in the drawing for every 10 books sold!  And for every 10 books sold you get one additional book free to sell or keep.

[PDF of Full Coupon Book]

A great value at only


November 12  Registration is open now.

November 19  Coupon Book Distribution, 8-9 pm, 4910 - Meadow Creek Drive South, Fargo.

December 10  All proceeds and unsold coupon books turned in, Location TBA, 7-9 pm.

* Each coupon book sells for $20.  
* $8 goes to your child(ren).  $2 goes to the Fargo Soccer Club. 
* For every 10 coupon books your child sells, they will earn 1 free book!  
* The top seller will earn $100. 
* Every child who sells 10 or more coupon books will get their name entered in to a drawing for $100.  For every 10 books sold, a separate entry is made for the drawing. 

Customer Feedback:
"I have had the coupon book less than 24 hours and have already redeemed enough free
coupons to more than pay for the purchase price. So many of the businesses featured in the
book are ones I already patronize.  I know my investment will be covered many times over."
Doug Beresford - Fargo, ND  Salesman for Custom Graphics

Questions?  Please call Scott at 701-306-8664
or email the company at