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Beginning and End  Spring recreational soccer starts around mid-April and ends around mid-June.

Practices  are held once per week at a time and place selected by the coach.  The coach is a parent-volunteer.  If you want to control the place and time for practices, become a coach.  We ask coaches to consult the other parents with players on the team.  By selecting their own place and time, each team has the option of practicing at a location central to the homes of the players and at a day and time that works for the majority of the players on the team.  It is possible (but not guaranteed) that the club can switch your child to a different team if your assigned team picks a day and time or location that does not fit your schedule.

Games are held on Saturdays or Sundays before Memorial Day weekend.  They are then held on weeknights after Memorial Day weekend.  We won't have games on the day of the Fargo Marathon.

Uniforms are distributed about a week or two before the first games.  You don't order a specific size uniform.  Instead, you simply pick from the available sizes we have in stock.  We carry a very large stock of uniforms.  Uniforms consist of a reversible jersey, socks and shorts.

Other equipment such as a soccer ball, shin guards and water bottle are up to each family to provide for their child.  In addition, some families can opt for soccer cleats.  We recommend cleats for players in first grade or older.