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Matt Noah, President, Fargo Soccer Club      Doug Wood, Sheila Shay-Mole
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Fargo Soccer Club and SAY Offer To Save Local Soccer League
National Organization Steps In With Solution and Support
Fargo, ND, November 21, 2008. The Fargo Soccer Club (FSC) – – and the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) – - are proposing a solution to save the local Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo Soccer League (FMWFSL). The FSC is a member of SAY and a member of US Club Soccer. SAY is one of four national youth soccer associations in the USA. The three other clubs in the FMWFSL are part of the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) through either North Dakota Youth Soccer Association (NDYSA) or Minnesota YSA (MYSA). 
FSC President Matt Noah said, “With MYSA refusing to allow members of the Moorhead Youth Soccer Club to play in the FMWFSL, the best and only way to continue the league is for all the local clubs to seek new national affiliation for their recreational players. SAY is the answer because they are ready, willing and able to accept the other clubs and their recreational members. The competitive players in the other clubs are not affected and can continue to register with NDYSA or MYSA through their member clubs.”
SAY National Marketing Director Doug Wood said, “SAY is making a commitment to not only immediately accept all these clubs and their players but to invest needed resources towards improving their programs by means that the member clubs would identify. The FMWFSL would continue to operate as a league with an elected board from the member clubs.”
SAY National Executive Director Sheila Shay-Mole said, “Every child benefits from more, not less, playing opportunities. That is why we supported the FSC’s inclusion in to the FMWFSL. That is why we are welcoming the other clubs to join SAY and continue the FMWFSL. It is difficult to imagine how any child benefits from the dissolution or diminution of the FMWFSL. For this solution to work, it requires all member clubs to join. Otherwise, the Moorhead kids will suffer from the loss of playing opportunities.”