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Fargo Soccer Club: How to Access Your Personal Account


Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.  It provides critical information on how to access your personal account.
1.  Visit  
2.  Along the left-hand column vertical tabs, click on "Edit My Account".
3.  Enter your email address and personal password you used when you registered initially.
4.  You can then edit your personal information, change passwords, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. 
5.  You can make payments, check on fees, etc.
There is more you can do.  Feel free to explore.


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Fargo Soccer Club: Uniform, Ball & Decal Distribution
Recreational Soccer

 Uniform, Balls & Decal Distribution
Wednesday, August 26, 4:30-5:30 pm
To conform to social-distancing guidelines, please maintain a 10 foot distance in line, only 6 people picking up inside.

Uniform/Equipment Distribution:  If you ordered a recreational soccer uniform (jersey, socks, shorts), car decal or ball, it will be distributed on the dates shown above and no other dates.  If you did not pre-order, you can just show up and purchase any of the above items while we have extra.  If you cannot make it, please have someone come and get your items.

Soccer Balls:  Soccer balls are available at the same time.

Where: Noah home, 4910 Meadow Creek Drive South, Fargo, 701.282.9344, (701)-866-1949 (cell)

Directions:  From 52nd Avenue South and 25th Street, proceed north on 25th Street about 0.25 miles to Meadow Creek Drive. Turn west (left) on to Meadow Creek Drive and veer left until you reach 4910.

Sizing:  To get the correct size, we recommend you bring your child with you. We have youth small, medium and large uniforms.

Lettering:  You can get your reversible jersey lettered on both sides for a nominal charge at Scheel's on 45th Street. Lettering is optional. We recommend your child's first name on the jersey.  It helps the coaches, teammates and other parents get to know the players.


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Fargo Soccer Club: How to View Schedules

How to View Your Schedule(s)

You do not need to login to your account to view a schedule or multiple schedules.  You can also sign up to integrate your soccer schedule in to Google Mail, Outlook Mail and other mail and scheduling software.  Regardless, as long as you have your email addresses, cell phone numbers and providers - all in your child's account and yours - you should be reminded of schedules, schedule changes, etc.

1.  From, click on Team in the list of horizontal tabs, "Association, Team, FAQ, News, Elite Programs, High School".  Choose the Winter 2019 season.  Choose the Competitive-->Competitive Clinics or Recreational Season.  Choose the team in the Team drop down menu.

2.  From, click on "Master Schedule" in the left-hand vertical menu.  From there, choose the week of interest and search for teams of interest to you.

3.  From, click on Team--->Schedule for this week's schedule for all teams.

4.  From, click on Team--->Multi-Schedule.  Choose the type of Schedule you want from the options listed.  Then select the teams you want schedules for and then click Submit near the bottom of the page.

5.  MOBILE Version!  You can download SIPlay from either the Android or Apple stores.  You can get and view schedules there easily.

Regardless how you get your schedule, make sure you know your team and your field number!

FIELDS:  When you enter the MetroRec East field (one complete hockey rink surrounded by hockey boards), you will be on field 1.  The next quarter section is field 2, then 3 and, finally, field 4.


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Fargo Soccer Club: How to access your Pool website & email team


Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.  It provides critical information on how to access your team website.

1.  Visit
2.  Click on Edit My Account in the left-hand column.
3.  Login using your email address and personal password.
4.  Along the upper horizontal tabs, click on "Team".
5.  Choose the proper "Season" pull-down tab menu item.  In this case, it is "Fall 2020".  This is just under the Fargo Soccer Club banner.
6.  Choose the proper "League" pull-down tab menu item.
7.  Choose the proper "Team" pull-down tab menu item.  Your Pool name will be emailed to you.
8.  You may have to clear your cookies to make this work.  Alternatively, you can choose a different season, league or team and then revert to selecting the proper season, league or team.
9.  Using the left-hand column menu items, you can select Roster.
10.  At this point, you should see the entire team roster, complete with contact information  You can printer your roster, email everyone on the team, etc.
11.  You can always view the team schedule and calendar without your team password.






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