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Fargo Soccer: College Showcase Schedule, Maps, Rules, Etc.


NSC College Showcase


Blaine, MN

November 7-8, 2020


Showcase Details


Players must come dressed prior to entering the indoor dome.  That means everything!  Uniform, shin guards, cleats, warm-up gear.  A bag and soccer ball are allowed.  Store your water bottle in your bag when entering.


Tournament Website

Tournament Field Map

Tournament Schedule and Results

Tournament Rules

College Coaches Registered to attend in person or online

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Fargo Soccer Club: Accessing Your Personal Account


Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.  It provides critical information on how to access your personal account.
1.  Visit  
2.  Along the left-hand column vertical tabs, click on "Edit My Account".
3.  Enter your email address and personal password you used when you registered initially.
4.  You can then edit your personal information, change passwords, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. 
5.  You can make payments, check on fees, etc.
6.  There is more you can do.  Feel free to explore.

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Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.  It provides critical information on how to access your team website.
1.  Visit
2.  Click on Edit My Account in the left-hand column.
3.  Login using your email address and personal password.
4.  Along the upper horizontal tabs, click on "Team".
5.  Choose the proper "Season" pull-down tab menu item.  In this case, it is "Fall 2020".  This is just under the Fargo Soccer Club banner.
6.  Choose the proper "League" pull-down tab menu item.
7.  Choose the proper "Team" pull-down tab menu item.  Your team name is the Fargo 2005 U16 Avengers.
8.  You may have to clear your cookies to make this work.  Alternatively, you can choose a different season, league or team and then revert to selecting the proper season, league or team.
9.  Using the left-hand column menu items, you can select Roster.
10.  At this point, you should see the entire team roster, complete with contact information.  You can print your roster, email everyone on the team, etc.
11.  You can always view the team schedule and calendar without your team password.

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Fargo Soccer Club: NSC College Showcase NSC Liability Waiver


NSC College Showcase


Blaine, MN

November 7-8, 2020


NSC Online Liability Waiver


You must complete the NSC College Showcase Liability Waiver form.  See the instructions below.

Our team ID is 16B1454.


NSC College Showcase Liability Waiver

We are excited to offer you a new waiver experience, NSC Event HQ!  Direct parents to complete their waiver using the process outlined below.  The account owner must be 18 years of age or older.  (Only one account per family)

  1. Create your account HERE, or log in to your existing account HERE and skip to the “Complete a Waiver” section below.
  2. After you have created your account, verify your email and set up your password.
  3. Log in to your account and add your children and or spouse as “participants”  (If applicable).

To Complete a Waiver

Log in to your NSC Event HQ account HERE

Once Logged In:

  1. Click on the “Customer Tools” link in the main menu bar and then select “Complete waiver”. 
  2. Select the event.  You may also filter the events by sport and/or name. 
  3. Enter the Team ID-provided by the team manager.
  4. Select the participant’s name from the roster (if not on the roster contact the team manager).
  5. Select the participant’s name from the drop-down in your NSC Event HQ account. If  participant is not listed in your account,  you must add them.  
  6. Read and accept.

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Fargo Soccer Club: NSC College Showcase Player Profiles

NSC College Showcase


Blaine, MN

November 7-8, 2020


Player Profiles for College Coaches



The NSC College Showcase is all about exposure to the student-athletes to college coaches.  As such, it is vital that we 'put our best foot forward' so that college coaches will have the data available in order to follow up with players.

Here is what I need emailed from each of you ASAP:

1. Recent photo, head and shoulders, high resolution, in JPG format, emailed to me.

2. Birth certificate, in PDF format.

3. Height.

4. Weight.

5. Graduation Year.

6. School District.

7. High School name.

8. Primary Foot.

9. Primary Position.

10. US Club Soccer ID number*.

11. ACT score**.

12. Cumulative high school GPA.

13. 2 soccer references, e.g. club coach, high school coach.  Just provide the coach's name, email address, phone number and title.

14. 200 words or less describing your son's soccer accomplishments, e.g. id2 selection, ODP (Olympic Development Program) details, club accomplishments, high school accomplishments.

15. Parent email address(es).

16. Player email address.

* This is the ID number found on your son's US Club Soccer card or on the US Club Soccer official team roster.  

** Most players this age will not have taken the ACT (American College Testing) exam.

Matt Noah,, 701-866-1949

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Fargo Soccer Club: NSC College Showcase COVID Protocols

NSC College Showcase


Blaine, MN

November 7-8, 2020


COVID-19 Protocols for Teams and Spectators



There are COVID-19 protocols (rules, guidelines) which the Fargo U16 Avengers team and spectators will have to follow in order to compete and watch.  For those that can't attend, all games will be live-streamed, probably on  

The protocols are extensive and subject to change.

For all COVID protocols, please visit NSC College Showcase and click on the COVID-19 Protocol tab.

A preliminary review of the extensive documentation on the Showcase protocols indicate that spectators and team staff (coaches, manager) must wear facemasks at all times.  Players need only wear facemasks when not on the field of play.  Spectators are limited to 2 per player for indoor games.  So, if we had 15 players on the team, we would be limited to 30 spectators for indoor games.  Team staff don't count against the 30 spectator limit.  So, if 5 players don't have spectators for indoor games, the other 10 players could share the 30 spectator limit for an average of 3 spectators per player.

I encourage everyone to start reading the Showcase COVID-19 protocols.

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Fargo Soccer Club: NSC College Showcase Hotel Block
Hotel Block for the NSC College Showcase, November 6-8, 2020 in Blaine, MN


To reserve, please follow these instructions:

Rooms are being held for Fargo Avengers  Team ID:  16B1454,       Room Block Code is: 725106,   Check in date is 11/6/2020

Hotel Name: Home2 Suites by Hilton Brooklyn Park Minneapolis in Brooklyn Park, MN 55445


These rooms ARE NOT RESERVED, they are simply on a courtesy hold! Please forward this email on to the other members of your group so they can reserve rooms using their own payment method.

To reserve your rooms online: CLICK HERE

Using the dropdowns:

  1. Choose your desired check in date
  2. Choose the number of nights you wish to stay
  3. Choose the number of rooms you wish to reserve
  4. Click the "Book Room" Button to provide your information

ATTENTION: Courtesy Hold Expires on 10/22/2020. Rooms not reserved by this date will not be available.

Need Help? Contact Lodging at: (502) 292-2741


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