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Fargo Soccer Club: Health & Safety Guidelines

Health & Safety Guidelines for Spring/Summer 2020 Season


The following guidelines presupose that the season will be played.  The Fargo Soccer Club holds the safety and health of the families it serves are our highest priority.  To that end, we follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the federal guidance and the North Dakota guidance on safety and health.  In certain cases, local guidance from the cities of Fargo and Casselton as well as their respective Park Districts are integrated with the aforementioned guidances.


In order to conduct a youth soccer program with all this in mind, we offer the following guidance.


  1. No sharing of water bottles between players.
  2. No handshakes after games.  This can be replaced with shoe bumps or elbow bumps, or simply a wave of the hand or nod of the head.  Regardless, we want to express sportsmanship.
  3. Players at least 6 feet apart when on the sidelines, parents at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  4. Respect distance when using the Kennedy bathrooms or water fountains, if the bathrooms or water fountains are open.
  5. After-game treat distribution done using 6 foot separation.
  6. Masks optional at all games and practices.  Use personal judgment.
  7. No one with symptoms of a cold, flu or other communicable ailment should attend a practice or a game, player or parent.
  8. Temperature testing at all games will be conducted by the club using a wireless (touchless) thermometer.
  9. Those who are susceptible to coronavirus are asked to not attend practices or games.
  10. Coaches should implement practice plans which separate players as much as possible.

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Fargo Soccer Club: Rec Season Start


The entire Spring season is subject to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our national, State and local authorities dictate when our fields are available for use, how many people can congregate, etc.

Nonetheless, all games have now been scheduled and will appear on your team's website, and on our Master Schedule.  We have a complete schedule of 10 games.  Seven practices have been scheduled but coaches are free to schedule more.

Let's pray and hope that we can offer our children some sense of normalcy by having a somewhat normal soccer season. 

The practice and game schedules assume we can start on May 1.  The season will start with a double-header Saturday set of games on May 2.  Most teams will not conduct a practice beforehand.  That's OK.  You may be surprised at how it doesn't matter to the kids.

Practices for Fargo teams have been scheduled and appear on the same places.  The Casselton schedules will be available once we know the field names and addresses. I can share the following information with Casselton parents:

Scarecrows Monday
Trolls Friday
Dragons Tuesday
Centaurs Monday
Wolves Tuesday
Stingrays Tuesday
Sharks Monday
Squirrels Monday
Puppies Monday




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Fargo Soccer Club: Spring Season Details for Coaches & Parents

The recreational season handbook for coaches and parents is available here for download.  Coaches, especially, should review the handbook for important and useful information.

Here are our rules and guidelines for Spring recreational soccer.

Playing Formations

Teams playing on the smaller fields 1-6 are:

         Teams should play 3v3 with no goalkeepers unless at least one team has 7 or 8 players, then play 4v4 with no goalkeepers.

         Remember, if the teams are unbalanced, coaches can opt to lend/borrow players with the other team to create balance.

         We play with no goalkeepers so that kids can experience the joy of scoring and so that everyone is running; not standing by the goal.

         Out-of-bounds:  Don't restart play for pre-k unless the ball is 5 or more feet of out bounds.  Otherwise, the game will slow down a lot.

         Restarts:          When the ball crosses a sideline, the team who did not cause the restart throws the ball in to play, 2 hands over the head, both feet on the ground.

                                When the ball crosses an end line, there is either a goal kick or a corner kick.

                                      Corner Kick:  Defensive team caused the restart so the Offensive team places the ball in the closest corner and kicks the ball in to play.

                                      Goal Kick:  Offensive team caused the restart to the Defensive team places the ball 3 feet in front of their goal and kicks the ball in to play.

                                 Restarting the play from a foul or a handball, the ball is placed at the location of the foul/handball and the other team has an indirect free kick.

 Teams playing on the larger fields 11-14 are:  

         Teams should play 6v6 with 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper unless one team has 13 or more plays, then play 7v7 with goalkeepers.  If teams have only 7 or fewer players, improvise, e.g. 5v5.

         Out-of-bounds:  Restart whenever the ball crosses the line.

         Restarts:           Same as above.

Games and Practice Locations:  Check your location (field number) BEFORE you head to the field.  Look at the field maps on the club website for reference.  Kennedy fields are being re-lined so we will publish a map when the Park District finishes the re-lining.

Parking:  Be careful in the Kennedy parking lot at all times.  There are alot of excited, short people with questionable judgment running around.  Your parking problem pales in comparison to striking a child.

Equipment:  For each practice and game, have your player wear shin guards, bring a water bottle and their soccer ball.  Uniforms are recommended at all times.

Remember - HAVE FUN!  These are the 'good old days.'

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Fargo Soccer Club: How to access your team website & email team


Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.  It provides critical information on how to access your team website.
1.  Visit
2.  Click on Edit My Account in the left-hand column.
3.  Login using your email address and personal password.
4.  Along the upper horizontal tabs, click on "Team".
5.  Choose the proper "Season" pull-down tab menu item.  In this case, it is "Summer 2020".  This is just under the Fargo Soccer Club banner.
6.  Choose the proper "League" pull-down tab menu item.
7.  Choose the proper "Team" pull-down tab menu item.  Your team name will be emailed to you.
8.  You may have to clear your cookies to make this work.  Alternatively, you can choose a different season, league or team and then revert to selecting the proper season, league or team.
9.  Using the left-hand column menu items, you can select Roster.
10.  At this point, you should see the entire team roster, complete with contact information.  You can print your roster, email everyone on the team, etc.
11.  You can always view the team schedule and calendar without your team password.

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Fargo Soccer Club: Accessing Your Personal Account


Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.  It provides critical information on how to access your personal account.
1.  Visit  
2.  Along the left-hand column vertical tabs, click on "Edit My Account".
3.  Enter your email address and personal password you used when you registered initially.
4.  You can then edit your personal information, change passwords, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. 
5.  You can make payments, check on fees, etc.
6.  There is more you can do.  Feel free to explore.

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Fargo Soccer Club: Email, Text, Twitter

Email, Text, Twitter

Important Club and Team Information is communicated officialy through one, two or three ways:  email, text and twitter.

It is vitally important that if you want to receive email or text you should adjust your CHILD's account properly to include you and your spouse's (if applicable) email addresses and one cell phone.

To check, click on Edit My Account, login and review your child(ren)'s account('s).  For text messages you must specify the carrier, e.g. Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.

To follow club information on Twitter, subscribe to @RealFargoSoccer.  The Twitter account is used for game and practice cancellations, lost child information and other important club and team information.  We also use text and email to communicate that information.  For first or second place finishes of one of our competitive teams, we will broadcast that information on our Twitter account.  Individual team practice or game cancellations will not be broadcast on Twitter, only club-wide or group-wide information.

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Fargo Soccer Club: How To Import Your Soccer Calendar(s)


Please keep this email for as long as you are with the Fargo Soccer Club.
Here is information on how you can synchronize your Outlook Calendar (or other calendar program) with your child’s soccer calendar(s).  It will save you lots of time if you currently manually enter your child's soccer schedule in to your personal calendar.

  1. Visit

  2. Under the horizontal tab labeled “Team”, choose “Multi-Schedule” from the Drop-Down Menu.

  3. Choose the teams you wish to import in to your calendar using the checkboxes.

  4. Choose the Schedule Type and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

  5. A pop-up will be created.  Respond accordingly.

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